Welcome to the QUEST TOURNAMENTt™

We are busy planning our second season on WPTA ABC 21

and we’ll keep you posted about the details.

Congratulations to Woodlan High School for winning the Championship Match!

Details about registration for our upcoming second season in 2023 will be announced soon!

Send an email to registration@questtournament.com

Or, you can write or call us at the address and phone number below.

Please note that people outside the viewing area can “live stream” the show on wpta21.com

We’ve created a new television high school quiz show!

The General “Mad” Anthony Wayne Organization, Inc. is proud to bring you a new concept in local television for northeastern Indiana that will feature the immense talent found in our local high schools. Please join us in our efforts to bring this program to life. We are confident that the competition in our television high school quiz show will be family-oriented, educational, and entertaining. It’ll be downright fun! Join us, won’t you?

Write or call us:

QUEST Tournament™

7127 Homestead Road, Ste J
Fort Wayne, IN 46814

(260) 452-7782

High School Students

If you or your school would like to participate in the program but have questions, then please contact our

Registrar, Jennifer Bay,


Potential Sponsors

If you or your business entity would like to support our program by purchasing advertising, then please contact our

Executive Producer, J. Michael Loomis,


Retired Educators

If you would like to volunteer your time to assist us with our “Think Tank”, then please contact our

Registrar, Jennifer Bay,